The healing magic stone

It goes without saying that Indonesia is a deeply religious country.  Many of the people are also very superstitious.

Muhammad Ponari who is just 9 years old and lives in Jombang in East Java was supposedly struck by lightning and found a stone on his head when he came to.  That stone is now said to have magic healing powers, with people coming from all over Indonesia to be cured from their ailments.

In the stampede to the boy’s house at least four people have died in the crush.    The magic stone is dipped in water which the sick people then drink.  The boy’s name Ponari, sounds like the Japanese sports drink “Pocari”, so the magic water is now being called “Ponari Sweat”.

“Not only in villages do we see this phenomenon, but also in big cities,” Kartono Muhammad, a medical expert and former chairman of the Indonesian Medical Association said. “People who want to be healed quickly go to a shaman. People who want to get rich, they also go to a shaman.”

“Rich or poor has nothing to do with it. These people pay millions and travel across the country. It’s like these people don’t use their common sense so they are easily persuaded by promises and quick-fix solutions.”

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  1. Rob Said,

    March 5, 2009 @ 1:20 am

    This does not only happen in Indonesia.

    Some examples of who has been healed would be a nice touch. Kind of like before being beautified or becoming a Saint in the Catholic tradition you have to have a couple of miracles attributed to you.

    I sometimes wonder whether this is just a case of exceptional marketing skills and the exploitation of a kid lucky enough to have survived a lightning strike.

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