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Lion Air plane skids off the runway

A Lion Air plane skidded off the runway flying from Makassar, South Sulawesi Province. Fortunately no one was injured in the incident.

“The heavy rain and a sudden gust of wind may have caused the plane to skid but we are still waiting for an official report from airport officials,” Lion Air spokesman Edward Sirait said. “No one was hurt and damage to the plane was minimal.”

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Indonesian exorcists finding work in Malaysia

toyol-indonesiaIndonesian exorcists are being used in Sarawak, Malaysia to help drive out a “toyol” which has been causing havoc in a school, according to this article in the New Straits Times.

Mysticism and black magic retains a strong foothold in this part of the world. Of course I am surprised that people still believe in mythical spirits, but I became even more disturbed after reading exactly what a “toyol” is on Wikipedia.

It is a small child spirit invoked by a bomoh (Malay witch doctor) from a dead human foetus using black magic. It is possible to buy a toyol from such a bomoh.

I am sure they would make great souvenirs.

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Abortion clinic in Jakarta raided

One of the leading stories on the news this week has been the raid on an illegal abortion clinic in Jakarta. There hasn’t been much reporting on the incident though in the Jakarta Post.

Apparently some of the patients died during the operation and some of them were as young as fifteen years old.

Johar Baru Police Chief Comr. Theresia Mastail said Saturday the police would search the clinic this afternoon after finding five embryos at the the same clinic yesterday.

“We suspect more embryos are buried around the clinic,” she said.

Tomy, a neighbourhood leader in Johar Baru, said the clinic had been operational since 1999 and was near her home.

“Residents have known about the operations at this clinic for a long time,” he said.

On Thursday, the police arrested the clinic owner Atun along with a doctor, employees and patients.

Atun said she had received an operational permit from a doctor and had been charging each patient between Rp 100,000 (US$8.30) and Rp 600,000. (ewd)

It seems that abortions are illegal in Indonesia. I found this rather disturbing article on illegal abortions in Indonesia.

Not allowed in cases of rape or incest, or to preserve a woman’s physical or mental health

Doctors face up to 15 years in prison if caught; the woman up to 4 years

Estimated 1.3 million abortions each year, says Indonesia’s Planned Parenthood Association

Almost all are backstreet jobs done by doctors or traditional healers

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Police raid hotels looking for alcohol and non-married couples

Police in Tangerang 20km west of Jakarta raided “no-star” hotels looking for alcohol and unmarried couples.

By-laws in the city ban adultery, premarital sex and alcohol. The article says their names were recorded and then they were released.

I don’t think I will be going to Tangerang in a hurry.

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