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Another Australian arrested on drug charges

You would think that Australians would have learnt their lesson not to touch drugs in Bali or Indonesia.

Another Australian has been arrested for carrying five grams of cannabis, which he now faces prison time of up to 10 years.

The arrested man was Jason Scott McIntyre, 33 years old from the Northern Territory.

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Indonesian boxer linked to New Zealander’s death

Indonesian top-ranked middleweight boxer Andreas Seran has been linked to the death of Sean Headifen in a Bali nightclub.

CCTV footage of the fight shows men beating Sean Headifen and throwing bottles and glasses at him, according to Stuff.

The family is also struggling to raise NZ$8000 to bring the body back to New Zealand.

“Why can’t the Government bring him home and bill us later?” his mum said.

“We just need to get our boy home.”

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Kiwi killed in a bar fight in Kuta, Bali

bounty-disco-baliA New Zealand man was involved in an altercation in Bali over the weekend at a nightclub in Kuta Beach. The New Zealand Herald reports the man killed in the fight was Sean Headifen.

The news was reported yesterday in the newspapers here. The incident took place at the Bounty nightclub. The local newspapers reported that the foreigner threw beer or a beer glass at the foreigner, but the New Zealand Herald says it was the other way around, or at least that is what the man’s mother was told.

He was then attacked by six locals. They tried calling for an ambulance, but the ambulance demanded upfront payment of around 3 million rupiah, which the man’s girlfriend didn’t have at the time. They also didn’t have any travel insurance.

The man made it back to his hotel, but died overnight. The six attackers are being questioned by police.

Update: Found an article that says the poor guy was on his honeymoon.

This is what police spokesman Ketut Suwetra had to say:

“The victim was drunk. He had thrown a glass at a bartender who told him to exchange his beverage voucher at the cashier. The bartender hurled a glass back at him which hit his left temple,” he said.

“Two security officers who tried to break them up ended up kicking and hitting the victim too.”

The bar tender and bouncer have now been arrested and face 7-12 years in jail.

Update 2: I am not where the Courier Mail got their information from, but no other news article mentioned that the guy was on his honeymoon.

Here’s another article from a New Zealand newspaper.

Mr Petherick said the school’s guidance counsellor was keeping in direct contact with the Headifen family as his sister was a student at the school.

“I know him well, he came right through our school and I actually taught his mother.

“He was very bright, very able and an interesting young man.”

Mr Petherick remembered a lawnmowing business he started in Levin when he left school at the end of Year 12.

“You would see him go along the footpath with a lawnmower in front of him … because he didn’t have a car at that point.

“He was a go-getter … it’s a real pity what’s happened, knowing that medical treatment could have saved him.

“He will be well remembered at the school just because of the person he had been … he had a bright future ahead of him.”

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2 Canadians arrested for smoking marijuana

Two Canadian kindergarten teachers have been arrested for smoking marijuana while holidaying on the island of Lombok and are facing four years jail.

Marijuana is classed as a dangerous drug in Indonesia, on the same level as heroin.

The AP article says police followed the women for “several days” before making the arrest. What amazing police work!

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Indonesian muslim cleric detained for marrying 12-year old girl

pujiono-cahyo-widiantoA muslim cleric has been detained by police for marrying a 12 year old girl in central Java. Cleric Pujiono Cahyo Widianto, 43 has been detained along with the girl’s father.

An AP article says the man intended to marry two other girls aged 7 and 9.

“This is pedophilia … pure and simple,” said Arist Merdeka Sirait, secretary general of the National Commission for Children’s Rights, who praised the police action. “We aren’t living in the Stone Age here, we have to protect our children against these kinds of things.”

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Papau 5 could return to Australia soon

INDONESIA-AUSTRALIA-IMMIGRATION-COURTFive Australians who were detained for illegally entering Indonesia could return back to Australia soon, AFP reports.

“The judges accepted our arguments that the pilot decided to land as the tower official gave verbal permission despite the pilot’s explanation that they hadn’t obtained landing permit documents,” he said.

“The conversation between the pilot and the tower official in Merauke’s airport had been recorded and we gave a copy to the court.”

The Australians involved were pilot William Scott-Bloxam and his wife, Vera, plus Hubert Hufer, Karen Burke and Keith Ronald Mortimer.

We can only speculate what they were doing flying over or into Papau, which is a “sensitive” area in Indonesia.

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Red Axe Gang strikes in Jakarta

jakarta-slumPeter Gelling writes that a gang in Jakarta known as the “Red Axe Gang” has been attacking motorists stalled in Jakarta’s infamous traffic jams.

Police are blaming Indonesia’s ailing economy on an increase in crime.

“The changing global economy is forcing people out of work,” said Zulkarnain Adinegara, the Jakarta City Police spokesman. “And many of those people are now involving themselves in both drugs and common street crime.”

I haven rarely been approached here in Medan for money. I have come across a couple of becak (motorized rickshaw drivers) that had just come here to work, but other than that it is hard to see signs here of an economic downturn.

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